verb definition and examples

Verb examples sentences

Verb examples sentences

Here are lots of verb Examples & sentences to understand verbs more precisely.

But first, here is the definition of verb:

A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen.


~ Now learn verbs by tons of verb examples sentences ~

Lyra swims too fast.

They love cars.

verb definition and examples

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I feel pain!

The coolest girl in our class has awesome adventure books.

Reeby is almost always a lot of fun.

Rodrigez is very tall.

This book has a good bibliography.

Collin must have gone to the park.

Clara broke the glass.

Lira sings too loud.

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I am cautious.

I hurt my eye today.

Jeremey has gone Europe.

Mr. Pi is watching the football game.

Ryan was driving very fast.

Riley kicks the ball.

Soen ran a long road.


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Eddie forgot his name.

We call her Samantha.

The gorilla kicked the clever monkey.

Dario enjoys good music.


We calculated all the expenses.

Do you know whether the game starts at seven?

Dimitri dinks fifteen times a day!

The cat ran after Jon.

I love traveling with my parents.

He earns lots of money.

Luis governs the institute.

Please grab the pillow.


All the students are following the same path.

I will guide you.

Try to always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Mom hugs the child.

Exercise these tricks at home.

I expect to reach there in time.

Explain the incident to Mr. Roger.

The bomb exploded at afternoon.

Please forgive my mistakes.

Crain will jump above the wall.

I am keeping this.

Sansa locates the spot for tourists.

Everyone loves Stark family.

People in this kingdom obey all the rules.


Arya raised her voice.

Jon scratched the wall.

He realized that it is not possible.

I receive a letter daily.

Little Elly recognizes every color.

Here are 10 tips to train your dragon.

verb examples sentences, verb examples

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