Top and best websites to learn Japanese online for free



Hi all the Japanese lover out there, welcome to this article. Watching manga-anime or taking an interest in the culture, whatever the reason behind the quest of your Japanese learning is; I am sure its exciting!


Here is a brief discussion on a short list of top and best handpicked websites to learn Japanese online for free.


1. Youtube


At first i want to start with some youtube channels in case you are a youtube addict . Please feel free to check out these youtubers to see what they have to offer. You can go through trial and error basis, I am sure you will like at least one of them!




Tae Kim



YesJapan.com – Learn Japanese!



Learn Japanese @GenkiJapan.net



Ken Cannon



Tim Cosgrove



Let’s Learn Japanese together!



2.Kim’s guide to learn Japanese



A great site to start with to learn Japanese online could be “Kim’s guide to learn Japanese”. He has a youtube channel too which i have listed above. This website publishes fresh and important contents regularly have a good amount of resource to play with.





Top and best websites to learn Japanese online for free

You can be a samurai too !


Another great website to help yourself learning Japanese with not only Japanese lessons but also with tv programmes, radio and podcast, news etc. The lessons have Anime style cartoon characters so i think it will just make your journey interesting. You can search different Japanese lessons by different themes on NHK World.


4. japanese.about.com



On this website of about.com, you will find pretty much constructive lessons and articles organized and published topic wise for your convenience. If you know about.com, i am sure you know how they manage these things 😀 Well it’s good to have good lessons and references for learning Japanese with a neat and clean presentation like this! You can sign up for newsletters from author Namiko Abe to have regular updates.


5. The Japanese Page


“Let’s learn Japanese together!” is the phrase it uses to describe itself. A great website where you will find plenty of articles,lessons,discussions updated every now and then. A well organized forum driven website to learn Japanese from.


6. Learn-Japanese-Adventure


Learn-Japanese-Adventure welcomes you and asks modestly if you “would like to learn Japanese and master the language”  They have good contents categorized such as Japanese words, phrases, grammar, dictionaries etc. right on their home page.


7. Easy Japanese


Easyjapanese.org have quite simple lessons laid in a quite old fashioned style. Well this website is old J. But still, you can have some good starter resource to go with. Apart from conventional Japanese lessons, they present some interesting topics like Kanji tattoos, Kana memory game, Kanji flash cards, Kana invader games, quizzes etc. Hope you will enjoy practicing them.


8. Tofugu.com



I am telling you, it is a pretty smart website to learn Japanese. They have their very own approaches to teach the language and you can buy different study assistance products from them which are dedicated to ease the process of your quest of learning Japanese.


9. reddit/r/LearnJapanese/



Well, you know the redditors. You will find plenty of awesome people there to discuss any “learn Japanese” thing with frequent and quick feedback. They have great resource listings and real “MASTER” people to help and guide you in coolest ways possible ! But Remember, you must read their FAQ before posting anything, trust me – its a must !


What do you think? Let me know in the comment section. Do You have a SUGGESTION ? Please let me know so i can include them for other readers !


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