1 Top and best websites to learn English online

Top and best websites to learn English online

Top and best websites to learn English online

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Hi there, i will discuss about some of the best websites which have good contents to learn English online. I hope you will enjoy the selection and will be benefited too. Don’t forget to share the love if you like it and let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


1. youtube.com

First of all, here is a list of great youtube channels if you want to learn English online through Youtube videos. They are pretty much awesome and hand picked from many others. These channels have plenty of videos(topic wise) to help you learn English better. And I must say one great point about learning English from Youtube videos is you will automatically enrich your listening and speaking skills while you will have the opportunity to comment or ask questions to the Youtuber.

Learn English Conversation

Learn English with Ronnie! Free ESL classes by EnglishLessons4U

Speak English With Misterduncan



English Teacher Jon – LEARN ENGLISH


2. engvid.com


This is a great looking site with over 212k fan on their Facebook page. You will learn English with interesting and interactive videos from smart teachers like James and Rebecca.   The learning process is divided into 5 basic parts: 1-Begginer, 2-Intermediate, 3-Advanced, Grammar and Tips. 1 Top and best websites to learn English online


3. ello.org


“Ello”, stands for English Listening Library Online, have over 2000 listening activities on the site. You will have plenty of mp3 files and pdf files for the English learning purpose.


4. learnenglish.britishcouncil


Its a great website to learn English language from various aspects. Recently, they have a fast-moving video series about the things that make Britain great. Watch the videos, do the exercises and leave your comments! With the options like writing, Ielts, grammar and vocabulary; you will also find interesting methods as fun and games to ease the learning process.


5. Alison

http://alison.com/learn/english   The main tagline in Alison.com is “A new world of free certified learning”. I think this statement said all about what it offers. You can a have certificate course wise education on this website. The navigation is comfortable and so many English learning courses to choose from. An example title of their course is “Introduction to business and travel English language skills”. Cool, isn’t it?


6. English banana


English banana is a website full of resources like good free ebooks, worksheets, clip-art photos, quizzes etc. And all the resources are pretty much organized to browse through. You will find basic, intermediate and advanced level tutorials and tips to learn and practice your English.


7. English page


At englishpage.com, they have so many English grammar lessons and exercises to make you an English grammar ninja. This site is kind of old looking but still- it works just fine if you want to catch up with some grammar.


8. English club


English club will help you learn or teach English language with a level of mastery. You can even make your own English page with blogs, photos, videos, musics and friends.   They also have features like playing English games, quizzes and making pen pals  :)

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