what are linking verbs definition

Linking Verb Examples

Here are a lot of Linking Verb Examples for you. But first, have a look at the definition of Linking Verbs:

an equating verb (such as `be’ or `become’) that links the subject with the complement of a sentence.


a word or expression (as a form of be, become, feel, or seem) that links a subject with its predicate.

“Look” in “you look sad” and “are” in “my favorite sports are football and tennis” are linking verbs.

You can check out Subject, Verb and Complement for better understanding.

# Also Known As: copula, copular verb.

The following verbs are linking verbs: any form of the verb be [am, is, are, was, were, has been, are being, might have been, etc.], become, and seem. These linking verbs are frequently used.

Linking Verb Examples

Now, here is a bunch of linking verb examples in sentences with the linking verbs underlined :—


linking verb examples, examples of linking verbs

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  • Laila is a mad person.
  • My dogs are content to sleep on the backyard.
  • I am happy.
  • My friends were present.
  • Rumi was rich businessman.
  • Ned may be absent.
  • After running under the sunlight, Blake turned red.
what is a linking verb examples

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  • It seems possibly a harder question to answer.
  • All the children were playful.
  • I feel shame when someone insults me.
  • You are being very clever to win the mind game.
  • Aron may be absent.
  • You are being impatient.
  • The sky has been foggy.

Here are some more example of  verbs which can work as linking verbs :–

  • taste/tasted

=> Banana tastes delicious.

  • fall/fell/fallen

=> Clara has fallen ill.


=> The man felt nervous.

  • get/got/got

=> She is getting fat.

  • go/went/gone

=> You have gone so far.

  • grow/grew/grown

=> She grew impatient.

  • keep/kept/kept

=> They must keep quiet.

  • look/looked/looked

=> Jerry looks joyful.

  • sound/sounded/sounded

=> You sound logical.

  • prove/proved/proved

=> This problem proved difficult.

  • remain/remained/remained

=> The morale of the thieves remained low.

sentences with linking verbs examples | what are linking verbs

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  • run/ran/run

=> The river has run dry.

  • seem/seemed/seemed

=> Martha seemed jolly.

  • appear/appeared/appeared

=> The clown of the circus appears happy.

  • become/became/become

=> The woman became rich.

  • turn/turned/turned

=> The leaves are turning grey.

  • smell/smelt/smelt

=> The food smells delicious.

what are linking verbs definition

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